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HOMETOWN:  New Orleans, LA


GENRE:  New Orleans Rock n Roll

YEARS ACTIVE:  2018 - Present


Another engine powering the resurgence of true rock and roll, Zita is an invigorating, guitar driven, classic sounding 4-piece with an  unapologetic New Orleans rock & roll flare. As grammy award winning engineer Chris Finney puts it: "Zita is best categorized as New Orleans classic rock & roll of a decade between the 70s & 80s.” The group is equipped with a bluesy, funky, thumping pocket-based rhythm section, a riff-ripping awe-inspiring lead guitarist, and a frontman with a 4-octave vocal range and conservatory jazz training on the trombone (which goes through an amplifier & pedalboard) giving the band it’s New Orleans flare on top of its southern rock & roll sound-scape.


Independent radio program directors and press outlets have taken kindly to the group’s debut 9-track album “Hardly Alive” in cities across the US. Those outlet’s include , The New Orleans Advocate, and even ESPN’s own Tony Kornheiser who referred to the band as “Heavy duty rock and roll,” as he later proclaimed “God, I miss this kind of music.” “If old-school arena rock is to stage a comeback, it will come courtesy of young bands like New Orleans’ own Zita” said New Orleans’ famed journalist Keith Spera with .


Zita’s music is bred in front of live audiences, and is consumed in its purest form in this setting, beckoning any audience to groove until the very last note. All four members were raised in this live music heritage, playing and seeing music as young as 5 years old. The teachings of their youths come forth as they take the stage— its everything you desire from a rock & roll show. If not for virtuosity, you’d be taken aback by stage presence. If not for stage presence, you’d be wowed by style & presentation. And if for none of these things, the crowd at a Zita concert will remind you the power of music— knowing just as much of Zita’s music as you, but singing every word. 

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